Sustainable Garments Made to Last

Here at Wicker&Co we believe in only providing sustainable garments that are made to last a life time.

All Garments are made from 100% Natural Fibers which means our clothes are kind to the earth and your health.

Our core values are attention to detail, slow made, No fast Fashion and No over production. We pay close attention to time and thought put into the garment such as design, manufacturing, Labor and making sure we only provide you with the absolute best high quality natural fibers.

Fast fashion is exactly that - and usually made unethically where workers rights are exploited providing you with a garment that only lasts a few washes. Fast Fashion is convenient and usually cheaper to buy, however the garment does not last very long and is usually made from low quality materials. 

The initial purchase of buying a sustainably and ethically made garment might sound pricey, but in the long run you are saving money and receiving more wear out of your garment with more durability, wearability, supporting small made designers who care about the product you put on your body and the impact there garment has on the planet.

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