Ethical Manufacturing & Sustainability

Ethical Manufacturing & Sustainability


Candles - All our Candles are hand made, hand poured individually from our New Plymouth store. We use Low Toxic Vegan Soy Wax made from Hydronated Cocoa Beans. Our Wicks are made from CDN Cotton wicks which are made from pure cotton with a paper braid are 100% natural and are Zinc and lead free. Our scent is all Phthalate Free and EPA NZ approved (Approved hazardous substance with controls). All materials are purchased locally from small businesses. All of our candle bags are individually hand made in New Plymouth NZ using 100% French flax linen.

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Clothing - All garments are Designed right here in New Zealand and Lovingly Made in Indonesia Bali. We Made sure we were working with a manufacturer who has the same values as us who can provide goods Ethically and Sustainably made. It took us a while to find the right manufacturing company and we are proud of the work they do for us. I have worked closely with the owner and her small team to provide you with the best quality made goods and going above and beyond paying attention to every small detail. All garments are made using 100% Natural and organic cotton or linen and are not massed produced. Each item is made with care and are carefully individually made. Our values and commitment are all workers rights are met and are paid a fair wage, No overworking or mass producing, All workers receive units that can be met in a fair and reasonable time frame, using organic materials, working conditions are safe and clean, safe factory conditions, Normal working hours and receiving adequate breaks. 


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