Ditch The Toxic Elements

Ditch The Toxic Elements

Hi Everyone! Welcome to our Blog. Let me explain a little bit about us and our mission! We are a small Be-Spoke Candle Business and Collective Boutique. All our products are made from Locally sourced Materials from other small businesses which are products made through sustainable and responsible methods, ensuring everything we purchase are from businesses whose workers make the products are paid a fair wage, all human rights are met and that they have safe working environment. We use methods and materials that have a lower environmental impact than traditional practices by adopting eco-friendly production techniques, Such as using Vegan Soy Wax Wax made from all-natural ingredients (I will go more in-depth explaining ingredients in our wax) and carefully Hand poured into Reusable Bowls which can be refilled, Biodegradable courier bags,  We stock Clothing only made from either cotton, Linen or recycled fibers. Jewelry and accessories that are Hand Made by other small Businesses. We want our customers to know they are making huge difference to our environment and making a positive impact to other people’s lives and other small businesses by purchasing our products. By purchasing of us you are also helping other small businesses to grow to.

Benefits of using our candles compared to other Brands.

We use Plant Based Natural wax. Sourced from Partially Hydronated vegetable oils of soya bean and coconut. Hydronated Vegetable oils of soya bean is referred to as SOYWAX. Hydronation is a process where a liquid is turned into a solid. Our Wax Burns Clean without releasing any nasty toxins in the air. Our wax is an alternative, environmentally friendly option compared to candles with paraffin wax which is commonly used and sold in big chains such as the warehouse and Kmart. Theses Candles are Harmful and massed Produced unethically for big profits.

Paraffin wax which creates highly toxic benzene and toluene when burned, the same ingredients found in diesel fumes and are linked to asthma and Lung Cancer.

Benzene is a liquid compound. It is colorless, toxic, and flammable. It has a sweet, gasoline-like aroma. But breathing it can cause serious complications including leukemia and nerve damage.

Toluene Is irritating to the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract. It can cause systemic toxicity by ingestion or inhalation. The most common route of exposure is via inhalation.

All of our scents are Phthalate Free and EPA approved. 

Benefits of wearing our clothes.

Linen – Linen is the worlds most natural strongest Fiber; we want to make sure you get a lot of use out of your clothes for years to come. When wearing a linen dress, linen blouse, or any other piece of linen clothing the body is kept free of moisture. Linen fabric is highly absorbent and will quickly remove perspiration from the skin, it is Breathable and Highly absorbent, Linen it also quickly releases moisture back into the air. It is Naturally, insect repelling, Luxurious and over time Linen becomes more softer on the skin.

Our clothing is made from a mixture of linen and cotton together or 100% Cotton – Cotton tends to be the most recommended textile for people with eczema. Cotton is soft, cool, great at absorbing sweat, easily washable and allows the skin to ‘breathe’. We supply Clothing that is comfortable, fashionable, minimalistic consisting of natural and bright colors for all ages, shapes and sizes made sustainably friendly.

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