Our story from the beginning

We are a small New Zealand Be-Spoke Business who create beautiful be-spoke Designer Candles, Gifts, Florals and have our own clothing line of Gorgeous Comfortable dresses which are designed by owner and creative director Maree Wester. Starting out in my home kitchen making candles on my stove in 2021 which is where the name Wicker&Co originates from. A year later I decided to design garments that were environmentally friendly and suited for all body types including pregnant and post partum. 2 years later after working from my home studio and going to numerous car boot sales, markets, online, and hosting small brand party's we decided to take the plunge and open a brick-and-mortar store that's pretty and easy on the eye, cute, kind of quirky and fun to shop in not focusing on one demographic of age so anyone can shop here. It is important to us we stick to our ethics and morals by providing handmade, Vegan, low toxic, or items provided by small, owned businesses in store. It is our mission to step away from fast fashion and provide more garments that are sustainable and environmentally friendly, so our products are kind to the earth and your health. We believe beauty comes in all shapes. sizes, ethnicities and our goal is to showcase your uniqueness, individuality and what makes you different. We are proud to be celebrating all of you homemakers, mamas, working gals, those who are still trying to figure things out. We hope our garments make you feel amazing!